Going with Cru

Tomorrow’s leaders are today’s students. Imagine God working through you to raise up a generation of leaders who follow Jesus. If this idea excites you, serving the Lord on a High School or College campus may be for you.

  • Do you like to work with high school students, college students, or professors? Maybe you would like to work with a certain ethnic group, in certain city, a metro area, or internationally. Find out more about how you can serve with Cru full or part time.
  • Perhaps you are pursuing full-time work, but would like to continue reaching out to students near you. Cru will train and equip you to do just that through volunteer opportunities with varying time commitments. Find out more about volunteering on campus with Cru by contacting the closest Cru leaders. You can also volunteer at the Cru headquarters in Orlando.

As you seek God’s plans for you after graduation, you might also consider some of the short-term ways you can join Cru in reaching out to students and faculty members on all kinds of campuses:

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