Partnering to Reach College Students

You can reach students – we can help!

Jeff Grant

Do you have a desire to reach young people with the gospel? You can be a part of seeing them grow in Christ, reach their fellow students and serve the Lord for a lifetime. Cru is focused on that too, and we'd love to work together!

Check out our church partners handbook.

Cru can't reach every student on every campus with just our staff, but our goal is possible through partnerships with people and churches like you.

Partnering with Christians from local churches opens up the door to launch any campus, for every student to have a discipler and to be fully funded for mission trips and training conferences, to learn evangelism and to transition into living missionally for a lifetime after college.

If we work together, high school students involved in youth group can get plugged into a vibrant Christian community at their college before they get caught up in all the distractions on campus. Likewise, students graduating can bring fresh energy to churches that understand the valuable training and experience they received on campus.

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