A Changed Life: Dennis Campos

A College Student Learns to Put His Trust in God.

Dennis Campos with Rich Atkinson

My name is Dennis Campos. That’s me in the photo. I’m the 2nd person to the left in the gray t-shirt and shorts. I grew up going to church and every day I went to a religious school, but I never got a deep sense of what it meant to follow Christ.

In high school, I went through religious classes at church. That’s when I really started to lose faith. They didn’t really do a good job in teaching me. Things were happening in my life, like the deaths of both my grandmother and my uncle, and they never really helped out with that. What ran through my mind is, if they can’t help me and they are already followers of Christ, then Christ can’t help me. I began to be friends with people who weren’t followers of Christ.

Going into college I had no plans. God really wasn’t on my mind.

But then I met Frank and Joey from Destino - a ministry of Cru to Latino and Hispanic students—at Long Beach, Calif. They had a display board out and they invited me to come to a Destino event and I attended. They told me about a soccer team. I decided to join at first only for the soccer team, but they convinced me to go to a Destino meeting that was every Tuesday. When I attended the first meeting, I noticed when they taught it was specific. Then they shared their own testimonies.

I began to meet every Wednesday with Frank and Daniel. They explained about God in a way no one ever had before. We read the Bible and compared it to our lives. Each week they chose a theme and it was perfect for what I was going though. Later in the fall I trusted in Christ during a retreat with Destino and Epic, a Cru ministry to Asian American students. The speaker challenged us not only to have God in our life, but for it be our lifestyle. I stood up with about 15-20 students and prayed to receive Christ.”

Would You Like to Know God Personally?
Dennis is a freshman business major at Cal State Long Beach. He grew up in Los Angeles and enjoys playing soccer and basketball. Dennis also helps coach a middle school basketball team.

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