Spring Break on a Mission

Nick, Northeastern University

We arrived in Panama City Beach Saturday night, after a lovely 28 hour bus ride. Sunday was spent getting groceries, checking in, worshiping, praying, and learning more about what we were going to be doing. Monday and Tuesday involved a morning of apologetics training, worship, and evangelism training; the afternoon was spent out on our current mission field (a stretch of beach filled with college students on spring break) sharing the gospel with those we talked to. It had been wild to see God move, hear stories of encounters He orchestrated, and be a part of them too.

One night, my friend Israel and I went down to the beach to meet up with friends we had met from Michigan. This was “post-ministry time”, but we ended up talking to this guy Kyle and a few of his friends. To make a long story short, we were able to share our stories with him, about how Christ moved and is moving in our own lives, and we got the opportunity to pray for him. It was amazing to see how God timed it, to hear how he had been pursuing Kyle up to this point, and to be a part of it all. This is just one of many stories that were happening constantly down here- all with the theme of God pursuing these partying college students and drawing them to Himself.

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