Finding God’s Majesty

Margaret Feinberg

Many of us say we want to experience God, but we don’t look for his majesty. We travel life’s paths with our heads down, focused on the next step with our careers or families or retirement plans. But we don’t really expect God to show up with divine wonder.

God invites us to look up, open our eyes to the wonder all around us, and seize every opportunity to encounter him.

This isn’t a passive expectation but an active one, the kind prompting us to elbow our way to Jesus, knowing he longs to meet us with a hearty embrace and sometimes even twirl us through the air.

How many of us are praying for pixie dust? How many of us expect Jesus to show up and display his presence and power? How many of us are living alert to God and his work in every area of our lives?

The wonder of divine expectation isn’t in the way we ask but in the way God answers. While in Scotland, we didn’t just pray for pixie dust, we lived fully awake for God’s response. When we encountered those divine moments, we didn’t dismiss them as coincidence but gave thanks for even the subtlest expressions of God’s loving care.

We expected Jesus to show up – and he did! From organic carrots to one-pound medical bills to French artwork, God interacted with us, blessed us, and swung us in his arms. I believe this is the kind of life we’re meant for – not just on the Highland Way but every day.

God is not merely at your fingertips but within your grasp.

Live each day like a child digging through a treasure chest, rifling for the next discovery. Open your arms and your eyes to the God who stands in plain sight and works miracles in your midst.

Look for him in your workdays and weekends, in your meeting-filled Mondays and your lazy Saturdays. Search for him in the snowy sunsets and Sabbaths, seasons of Lent and sitting at your table. Pray for – and expect – wonder. For when you search for God, you will discover him.

Live awake and aware because the wonder awaits.


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