Mistake No. 3: Not Dating Enough People

Henry Cloud

I hear it all the time. Women start dating someone, quickly get interested in him and then stop dating everyone else. Then, when the relationship does not pan out, they repeat the cycle. They start dating again and find one guy and get serious. When that relationship does not work — same thing again.

Dating is not about “finding the one”; it is about having fun and getting to know different kinds of people. If you have not dated a lot, then chances are that you really don’t even know what you want or need. You may be stuck looking for some “type” but not getting to know real people and, through that process, getting to know what kind of “type” you really need.

Mistake number four: Not Being Active Enough to Meet a Lot of People.

Dr. Henry Cloud is a clinical psychologist and best-selling author or co-author of over eighteen books, including “How to Get a Date Worth Keeping” and “Boundaries in Dating.” He also conducts seminars across the country and co-hosts a radio program called “New Life Live.” He’s the president of Cloud-Townsend Resources.

© 2005 Betty Blake Churchill. All rights reserved. Adapted with permission from “Fantasy - An Insatiable Desire for a Satisfying Love” (Orlando, CruPress).

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