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I Didn't Want to Know God

After living a tough past, Nikki Breidegam longs for more. While on the beach in Panama City, Fla., she makes a decision that will change her forever.

Getting Off the Bus and Finding a Home

Lupe Torres found more than free food when she got off the bus at The Salvation Army.

My Story: Sarina Martinez

Sarina Martinez, at Northern Illinois University, accepted Christ in September 2010. Her life has changed dramatically, and now she is determined to tell others where her new-found freedom comes from.

As I Was Running, God Was Following

After growing up in a Christian home and losing her dad to cancer, Jessica understands the gospel in college when she reaches a breaking point.

My Story: Kassidi Curtis

Hope offered at a concert.

Can God Really Forgive Me for the Death I Caused?

Melissa committed her life to Christ after a car accident that claimed the life of her friend.

After My Brother’s Accident

After his brother’s sudden death, Jordan Rhode questioned God’s plan.

My Most Important Discovery

A professor’s journey of faith.

Nowhere to Go

Finding refuge in Jesus alone.

I Was Afraid to Die

I thought when you died, that was the end of it all. You just cease to exist. That’s where my fear came. I just did not want to stop existing.

Heaven and Hell

Like a funeral, heaven and hell can be nothing more than the pleasant or not-so-pleasant afterthoughts of our Christian life. But these two realities lie just beneath the words of every page of Scripture.

The Unseen Crisis Among College Women

Chronic mental health problems are on the rise, raising serious issues for those working with female students.

How Will You Support a Grieving Loved One?

After a plane crash took Julie Blom’s husband and two of her children, friends had to learn how to help her heal.

Hope for the Road Marked With Suffering

Whether you are the one experiencing loss or are close to someone who is, join us for this 10-day devotional. We will take a look at what Scripture has to say to us in places of pain as we wrestle with the honest reality of doubts, fears and questions.

Embracing Death

In December 2010, Rick James lost his mom. Two days after the funeral, he gave this talk at TCX in Minneapolis. Listen to this unique perspective on death and discipleship.

10 Things I Learned From My Daughter's Suicide

My world still stops for a few seconds when I say those words. I never cease to feel the enormity of the loss, the emptiness left in her wake. The wound has healed, but the scar remains.

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