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My Story: Santei Di Leonardo

Santei Di Leonardo's life was filled with empty relationships and felt purposeless. Since he began his new life in Christ this summer, everything has changed for the better.

Adopted, Again

Jen Schad’s life is changed forever on a spring break trip.

How to Trust God Through Failure

The story of how God used the power of community to help one man learn to trust God through failure.

When rejection is God’s direction

Sometimes, what seems like rejection is actually God directing us right where we need to be.

Fasting — What Is It Good For?

This personal story of fasting answers the many questions that fasting raises and gives a simple Biblical map of how to approach a fast and get the most out of it.

How to Trust God, Even in Difficult Times

God can still be trusted even when life is difficult. Read this for practical ways to grow your trust in God through every circumstance.

How to Hope Again When You’ve Been Disappointed

We’ve all put our hope in something or someone that has ultimately let us down. Is it worth it to keep hoping if you’ve been repeatedly disappointed? Is there anything you can put your hope in that won’t let you down?

Advent Devotional

Advent Devotional for December 19 - Joseph's Song.

I Lost a Friend but Learned How to Trust God

The unexpected loss of a close friendship helped one person trust God in a deeper way.

How to Move Forward After Graduation

God seems to lead some people to a specific place or job. But what if you don’t see a flashing sign or a bolt of lightning telling you what to do? Here’s how to move forward.

10 Verses to Help When Trusting God is Difficult

Trusting God can be difficult. Here are some verses to help you remember that God is trustworthy.

What I Did After Surviving a Mass Shooting

Jim Tucker chooses forgiveness after being shot by the gunman that also injured congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

How To Trust God As You Wait

Do I trust God enough to wait on Him? That’s what one woman wondered after a mysterious diagnosis. Here’s how she learned to wait on God even as her hope was put on hold time and time again.

How Do I Give Thanks Even in Suffering?

Thanksgiving is no quick, easy fix, or recipe for skipping past our emotions. In fact, it’s the opposite. When your fists are balled, hold onto God who can take on any anxiety.

4 Practical Things to Do Instead of Worrying

We cross the line into worry when we start to dwell on the things we can't control. So how do we stop? And how do we prevent it?

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