Trusting God in the Unknown

The unknown things in our lives are hard. Rarely welcome, they intrude on our sense of well-being.

Are you facing an uncertain future right now? Do you long for the assurance of a specific outcome? Does it seem like the less you know and the longer you wait, the more anxiety and fear chase away your peace of mind?

God cares about you and what’s going on in your life right now. He is with you in the midst of what you’re facing, and He can help in your uncertainty and suffering.

Here are the stories of three different people with very different unknowns — an unknown future, an unknown illness and an unexpected loss — and how their process of trusting God is transforming their lives.

How to Move Forward After Graduation

God seems to lead some people to a specific place or job. But what if you don’t see a flashing sign or a bolt of lightning telling you what to do? Here’s how to move forward.


I Lost a Friend but Learned How to Trust God

The unexpected loss of a close friendship helped one person trust God in a deeper way.

Choosing to Trust God in the Unknown

How do you respond when suffering enters your world and changes everything? Learn how one woman’s pain became a gift of purpose and joy.


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