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Is money the key to heaven?

Amy Lee always assumed that rich people were more likely to go to heaven. When she learned the truth, it changed her life.

Is Faith in Jesus a Big Leap?

To many, believing Jesus is who said He was feels like a leap of faith. Explore the different claims made about Him and why there is only one possible answer.

Day 12 - 35 Day Challenge

Day 12 of our 35-Day Challenge.

When God Seems Silent

We are not always going to hear God's voice, but we can learn a few practical things to do when God seems silent.

The Armor of God: How to Prepare for Spiritual Warfare

What does it mean to put on the armor of God? See how the Bible tells Christians to prepare for (and overcome) Satan’s attacks.

How to Overcome Your Blind Spots as a New Christian

If you or someone you know recently became a Christian you’re absorbing lots of new ideas. What are some common misconceptions for people at this point in their spiritual journey?

How Will You Support a Grieving Loved One?

After a plane crash took Julie Blom’s husband and two of her children, friends had to learn how to help her heal.

Advent Devotional

Advent Devotional for December 7 - Winter Wonderland.

How to Read the Bible in a Better Way

When I learned to read the Bible with this new focus, the sometimes-stagnant waters of my faith began to churn.

How to Make Sense of the Bible and Science

Do you wonder about the relationship between the Bible and science? Discover how they describe one and the same reality in different but compatible ways.

Joy! And Other Reasons to Share Your Faith

Why do we share the gospel? It's about more than giving hope to others. Here are four reasons that might change how you think about evangelism.

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