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November/December 2016

This is the FINAL ISSUE of Worldwide Challenge, Cru's flagship publication. Below you will find a few of the main features in our upcoming issue.  Please use the above link if you would like to order copies of this Commemorative Issue.

In "Off the Bench," pages 14-23, Wayne Sandilands, goalkeeper with the top-rated South African soccer team, the Mamelodi Sundowns, may be benched, but God has given him an active and strategic position in reaching his teammates​ ​with the gospel.  As he leads the team with Athletes in Action®'s life-skills curriculum, he takes advantage of the platform it provides, inviting men to his Bible studies. Although not playing actively these days, God has given Wayne a pivotal role in mentoring his teammates—preparing them to encounter biblical truth so they can come to know a God whom they can trust.

Written by Philip Long / Photographs by Tom Mills

"Living in the In Between: How to handle life's many transitions," pages 24-26, is author Mary Leigh Keith's personal testimony of how God helped her uncover life lessons during periods of crisis she has faced. Mary Leigh invites readers to explore her sometimes overwhelming journey, pointing to the transitions that God often uses to reveal and heal areas of woundedness, while developing new life directions. She includes four stages of transition from Terry Walling's book, Stuck! Navigating Life and Leadership, which can help each of us identify if and where we might fit in the transition cycle.  

Written by Mary Leigh Keith / Illustration by Owen Gatley

Millennial believer Katie Koehler exudes an entrepreneurial spirit as manager of the Christian-based Purple Door Coffee cafe in Denver.  In "A Bold Brew," pages 28-35, Katie shares how she ministers to her community through relationships formed at the cafe and in her church. Mentoring homeless millennials—helping them develop job skills in the context of caring relationships—is challenge enough, but her top priority is helping her employees understand that they have value, and that God invites them to experience a new walk with Him.          

Written by Hayley Newsom     Photographs by Ted Wilcox

Worldwide Challenge: The Final Issue, pages 36-48, is a commemorative look at 43 years of telling the Cru story. This final section includes From the Beginning (memories shared by the magazine's first editor-in-chief, Judy Douglass), Over the Years (showcasing notable events from Cru's history), Through the Lens (favorite images showing Cru's scope in geography and influence), and Into the Future (a look into the new frontiers Cru will engage in to keep like-minded believers informed about the global movement). 

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