Stories by Ross McCall

Ross McCall

is a content strategist working alongside Cru. He believes words change things. Ross is passionate about finding ways to communicate, in everyday language, what it means to follow Jesus.

Reasons Why We Pray

What does prayer actually accomplish? If God knows everything, and God controls everything, why should we pray to Him?

Are We Failing Women in the Battle Against Porn?

Men and women struggle with pornography. But Christian women face a unique set of obstacles on the road to recovery.

How to Respond to Someone Leaving Christianity

People are leaving the church. Here are 6 ways to continue the conversation with them.

How to Lead When Tragedy Strikes

What do you do when people are looking to you to respond to a tragedy? Here are 3 specific things the Cru ministry in Venezuela learned when they experienced loss.

Why Do I Feel Like God Is Being Hard On Me?

"Perhaps we expect punishment from God, either because we see Him as a harsh master, or see ourselves as dead wood, deserving to be thrown away and burned."

Posting After Paris? Social Media is a Risky Pulpit

How do you respond wisely to what others are saying in the digital town square, especially when it touches a nerve?

When You Don't Like Reading the Bible

Do you ever struggle to read the Bible? You’re not alone. Explore the roots of your struggle, and get fresh ideas for spending time in Scripture.

How Can You Connect in a Time of Self-Isolation?

Social distancing, so unprecedented for most of us, also raises particular questions for the Christian community. How do we do life differently during a global crisis like this?

Can Christian Coders Save The World?

A global hackathon is helping a unique group of people find one another and begin forming a movement of their own.

Apple vs. Android - What Would Jesus Do?

Hackathons provide a space for like-minded people with varied skills, to begin forming a movement leveraging technology for the cause of Christ.

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