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Doing Ministry while Social Distancing

Continuing the Mission

All around the world, people are shifting from life together to life at a distance. Now, more than ever, this is a time to help build connections between people. This is a time to equip and encourage students and faculty as they demonstrate God’s love to a world in crisis.

So how do you do this when you can’t actually be near anyone?

Helping students and faculty know Jesus, grow in their faith and go to the world to tell others.

You don’t need to be on campus to reach students and faculty. In a world consumed by fear, people need Jesus now more than ever. Be creative and try new ways to make connections online – and take your disciples with you as you go.

  • Invite your disciples to share resources with their friends who don’t know Jesus from
  • Teach a disciple to share their faith using the GodTools app with their friends and family.
  • Share your testimony with your family as you’re hanging out at home with them or with friends as you connect online.
  • Students are already hanging out online – on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok. If you’re not already in those spaces, contribute to conversations and invite others to continue talking in a private chat or video call.
  • Before and After social media outreach is unique because you have the opportunity to explain your two words in a brief video, which can be shared intentionally on any social media platform.
  • Use these premade social media graphics for posting about live calls, digital Bible studies and online meetings. Graphics provide space to add times and particular study subjects, etc. for your social media accounts.
  • Premade social media content to grab and post on any platform.

We know it looks different now, but we have the tools you need to stay engaged with your disciples. In this season of digital first, you can reach those you are ministering to with some simple tools and resources. Grab what you need to support your disciples as they battle disappointment, anxiety and an unknown future.

  • Use text or group messaging to reach out. Check in daily with your disciples. It can be as simple as asking how they’re doing and how you can pray for them.
  • Host your weekly gathering, prayer group or Bible study online.
    • For a larger group, try Zoom. Cru staff teams can request one Zoom Pro account.
    • If it’s a smaller gathering, you can also use Google Meet.
    • When you don’t need much back and forth discussion, consider using Facebook Live.
  • Go on a Virtual Prayer Walk using Google Earth to step foot on a campus thousands of miles away, right from your device. Prayer is the first step to revival. Prayer walking allows you to see and experience a place and pray for specific people and things along the way.
  • More opportunities coming soon!

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