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Summer of Theology

No matter where you are in your spiritual journey (from doubts to confidence), Summer of Theology exists to help students strengthen their spiritual core. A 10-week interactive experience to help you grow in your understanding and application of God and His word. Hosted by the Institute of Biblical Studies Early Session May 20 – August […]

Building Effective Teams

A team is anyone working together toward a goal. How will you build yours?

Always Keep the End in Mind – Transferring Your Leadership

After you leave campus, will there still be multiplying disciples?

Leading Prayer is like Sailing

Leading prayer may feel intimidating, but you and those you lead can experience the beauty of entering God’s presence in prayer.

Catching and Casting Vision

Vision can be inspiring and be energizing to you, but how can it help create change?

Spiritual Leadership

Spiritual leadership blends the natural and spiritual to help God’s people to accomplish His purposes.


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