Invitation to Intimacy

Barbara Francis

The chief way we come home to God is through prayer.

He longs for deeper access to our lives. He waits for us to put aside the endless distractions that woo us away from consistent time in his presence. Many of us question the place of prayer in our lives. We muse, “If God is the all-knowing God the Bible tells us he is, why bother praying? He already knows.” Still more live with the haunting memories of unanswered prayers, prayed with all the fervency and belief we could muster, and yet our little brother died anyway, a young husband succumbed to a brain tumor, or the searing pain that never ends—never ended.

We all come with questions regarding prayer. In many respects I wish I could be sitting across the table from you, sharing a fire and a cup of coffee. We could verbalize with one another both the lack of interest in prayer we’ve struggled with over the years and the times it seemed God turned a deaf ear.

But it would not be long before the discussion would take a decided turn toward the gazillion ways the Lord has heard our prayers and answered them, the ways he has visited us at the darkest season of our life and held us close when we faced failure.

Sadly, we cannot have a personal time together, but I will be asking questions and interacting with you as we go (bulleted and in bold) in hopes that this conversation, such as it is, will be as personal and applicable as if we were face to face.

This is not a discussion defining the terminology of prayer or even the vast theology of prayer, as worthy as those topics are. Here we will look at prayer as the chief way to build a love relationship with God. 

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