Is There A Better Way To Be Single and Sexual?

Discussion Guide

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We hope this guide will help you discuss the material with a friend. Your conversation will be more rewarding if you take some time to read through the article and this guide before you meet.

Getting Started

  1. If you’re comfortable doing so, invite God to be part of your conversation.
  2. Discuss what stood out to you from the article.
  3. Talk about anything from the article that you have questions about or don’t understand.

Key Points From Article #8

  • God isn’t trying to stifle our sexuality. He’s determined to help us grow as healthy adults. So He asks us to trust Him with our desires. Developing self-control in relation to our sexuality helps us live satisfying lives as single women.

    • In what areas of your life do you find it easy to have self-control?
    • In what areas is it a struggle?
  • In the area of sexuality, a woman is often tempted to give away — too soon and too much of — her body, heart and mind.

    • Why do you think this is true? Are you more tempted to give away your heart, body or mind? What does that “giving away” look like for you?
  • God sees your body as His incredible and unique creation. Take a moment and read Psalm 139:1-16 together.

    • How do these verses make you feel about God? About yourself?
    • In what ways could believing these truths help you not give too much of yourself away too soon?

Next Steps — Read through these together.

  • Talk to God about which boundaries you are struggling with in your sexuality. Honesty is the beginning of change.
  • Ask Him for help and strength in this area of your life. Remember, God is for you and wants you to succeed.
  • Mark a date on your calendar to discuss another article from the Desire series.

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