How To Enjoy Sex the Way God Designed

Discussion Guide

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We hope this guide will help you discuss the material with a friend. Your conversation will be more rewarding if you take some time to read through the article and this guide before you meet.

Getting Started

  1. If you’re comfortable doing so, invite God to be part of your conversation.
  2. Discuss what stood out to you from the article.
  3. Talk about anything from the article that you have questions about or don’t understand.

Key Points From Article #2

  • God created sex to bind a husband and wife together physically, emotionally and spiritually as an expression of their exclusive, mutual commitment to each other.

    • What was the family environment like that you grew up in?
    • What did that environment teach you about sexuality and marriage?
  • God cares about your sex life. He wants to protect you from experiencing sexual relationships in an unsafe way. Physical intimacy is not meant to be used primarily for our individual satisfaction, but as an expression of loving each other in a sacrificial way. 1 Corinthians 6:12-20

    • From what you’ve learned growing up, do you think there’s a right way to enjoy sex? Why or why not?

Next Steps — Read through these together.

  • Spend some undistracted time thinking through how motivated you feel to model your sexual life after the picture God paints of sex in Scripture.
  • Try talking to God about your level of motivation.
  • Mark a date on your calendar to discuss another article from the Desire series.

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