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Raising Men, Not Boys

Our spiritual growth takes place within a male or female body so at some point we are led to consider the question: What does it look like, not simply to be a godly individual, but a godly male or female?

Circuit Breaker

We’re all tired of seeing men—leaders, pastors, husbands—disqualifying themselves. God’s gift and design for sex has been perverted and twisted almost beyond recognizing. Circuit Breaker is set up for weekly one-on-one mentoring, but could also be used in a Small Group setting. This is an attempt to get something concise, clear, and effective out there to help men walk through a discovery and recovery process together.

No One Can Fight Your Battles, But They Can Stand With You

Do you have someone to run alongside as you pursue a healthy sexuality?

How Far is Too Far When You’re Dating?

Do you want healthy sexual intimacy to be part of your future? Then you have to make certain decisions today.

So What Is Triggering Your Sexual Desire?

If you want to get your unmanageable sexual desires under control you need to understand what could be causing them.

Who’s The Last Person You Want to Forgive?

Forgiving the people who’ve hurt you is hard, but what if forgiving yourself is harder?

Do I Really Need to Tell Somebody?

Is confession an outdated religious concept, or an essential for living authentically?

What Do I Do With My Craving For Sex?

How can you experience intimacy with someone you care about if you’re not having sex?

Warning - Porn and Masturbation Are Not Safe Sex

If I’m not technically having sex, where’s the risk in enjoying my fantasies?

How To Enjoy Sex the Way God Designed

Only when we understand God’s picture of healthy sexuality can we hope to experience healthy desire.

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