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Josh McDowell and the Marines

Soldiers meet their famous mentor and ask for advice.

Bill Hunt

Josh McDowell stretched out on the floor at Los Angeles International Airport near the Korean Airlines gate hoping to get a good nap before the long flight to Seoul.

The Cru staff member and author slept a bit, repositioning when he woke up, and locked eyes with a group of U.S. Marines who recognized him.

"When I was 13, I heard you speak in Jacksonville, Fla.," one Marine said. "I went home and couldn't sleep until I trusted Christ that night."

The man, now in his mid 20s, grew spiritually through reading one of Josh's books, and 3 of his friends at the airport had also become Christians through Josh's ministry.

The Marines asked Josh numerous questions about Christ and the Scriptures, and wanted advice on dealing with pressure in the military.

You Never Know What's Going to Happen

The encounter assured Josh that people he leads to faith can mature spiritually even if he's not personally able to meet with them.

"I often lead people to Christ who I've only known for a few minutes," Josh says. "You never know when you put your witness out there what's going to happen."

Since Josh joined Cru in 1964, an estimated 500 million people have been reached through his ministry, which includes 50 million of his books distributed in 120 languages to 150 countries.

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