#CruLovesSC: How to help the South Carolina flood victims

Philip Long October 9, 2015

As stories begin coming in from the flooding in South Carolina, people are asking how they can help.

Cru and its humanitarian arm, Global Aid Network (GAiN), are currently mobilizing volunteers and goods to help service the 600,000 residents living in the disaster areas along the coast.

Josh Adair, Cru campus director is recruiting other Cru campus directors and coordinating students in an effort much like the organization’s response to Hurricane Katrina.

“Just in our USC (University of South Carolina) staff team, we’ve seen houses that were totally submerged underwater,” said Josh, who operates from Columbia, S.C.

He said students on his campus are heading home for the weekend, but will be active in relief efforts in the coming weeks.

“What’s really scary is the people of less means that don’t have flood insurance or a WiFi connection to even know the relief that’s available to them, or who still haven’t been able to get back to their houses,” Josh said.

Slammed with a deluge late last week, South Carolina is looking at 2 more weeks of river flooding near the east coast with 16 counties declared disaster areas.

Governor Nikki Haley called for the 10,000 residents of Georgetown to evacuate; referring to the crisis they face as “A different kind of bad.”  One of the major worries is that locals, who are used to hurricanes, will not evacuate, dismissing the mortal danger of the flooding.

 “One of the dangers is that it [the flooding moving east] will put stress on the dams that are further downstream,” Josh said. “If the canal [in Columbia] doesn’t get fixed the upstate people can’t release the water in their dams from the flooding.  If the current river and estuary system can’t handle it the dams in the upstate will be in danger of breaching.”

While the floods are compensating for a long-standing drought, it’s a small gain compared to the 300 million in crop losses and an estimated $1 billion damage toll. This could break the bank of the Federal Emergency Fund.

If you’re not close enough to volunteer, start praying for the specific needs of those living in South Carolina.

  • Please pray for the 600,000 residents living in the disaster areas along the coast. 
  • Pray that the 50,000 dams in South Carolina will hold.
  • Pray for additional volunteers and supplies being coordinated and distributed by Cru campus students at USC, Low Country Charleston, Clemson and Columbia College.
  • Pray for those who have lost loved ones, homes and livelihoods.

GAiN is collecting funds to get goods out to victims of the flooding. Give online.

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