How to pray for Nepal right now

May 1, 2015

The 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal on April 25 has caused massive devastation to structures and lives. More than 5,000 have died, and the death toll continues to rise. Frequent aftershocks have created an atmosphere of panic and terror.

The need is not only for the immediate – water, food, blankets, medicine, tents, relief workers, etc. – but also for what will help people rebuild their homes and lives. Give to Global Aid Network’s relief efforts.

Please pray right now for the people of Nepal.
  • Pray for the injured. More than 10,000 people were injured in the quake, and hospitals are overwhelmed. Pray for the doctors and nurses, for family members of the injured, and for quick healing for all those affected.
  • Pray against sickness. Because their homes were destroyed or are now unsafe, many people are sleeping outside in tents. Pray against any disease or sickness that could spread among the survivors.
  • Pray for openness to the gospel. Cru Nepal (NCCC) is based in Kathmandu and all the staff are safe, but they have been greatly affected by this tragedy. Instead of going somewhere safer or more comfortable, many staff have expressed a desire to stay and continue telling others about the gospel. Pray for their efforts and their resources to reach out during this time of need.
  • Pray for rebuilding. Structures around Kathmandu have been reduced to rubble, and many buildings across the region have become structurally unsafe. Pray for the government as they make financial decisions about rebuilding, and for individuals searching for new housing.

A GAiN staff partner in Nepal asks, “Please pray for our team as we think of the best possible ways to minister to people and provide help in this time of crisis. And please continue praying for the people of Nepal.”

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