Life at the Crossroads



CrossRoads is a unique strategy that creates lasting personal change which helps countries address devastating societal crises such as HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy, violence and drug use, and prevent new ones from happening.

It presents students with a cross-cultural education based on teaching character and values, and linked with developing a better worldview by upholding Jesus as the role model for character.






This curriculum is a tool for educators and other community-based instructors. It is designed to help students internalize positive values and develop skills that can guide them to become good decision makers, responsible for their personal health and well-being. Life at the CrossRoads reinforces what most parents and guardians teach in the home. Since sexual abstinence and fidelity are values consistent with prevailing cultural, religious, and ethical norms on a global level, Life at the CrossRoads assists parents and guardians as they guide their young adults through the maze of dangers that face them today-HIV/AIDS aid other sexually transmitted infections, teenage pregnancy, alcohol and other drug use, and ever-increasing youth violence.


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