Mastering Your Money in Marriage

Learn to communicate with your spouse about finances.

Jan Stewart

What is it?

  • 1 of 10 different HomeBuilders studies focused on marriage topics.
  • 6 lessons that can be spread into 12 sessions, if needed. Sessions include: putting money in its place, stewardship, financial priorities, setting financial goals, borrowing and debt, and giving.
  • Each session includes a 15-minute warm-up to build community, a 60-minute time of studying the Bible and a 15-minute wrap-up.
  • Created by FamilyLife.

How to use it:

  • Ask 3-6 married couples to join you once a week for 2 hours in your home for a small group devoted to strengthening their marriage. 
  • Order a book for each couple, but it is recommended to have one per person.
  • Each week, couples receive a project "date" to complete before the next small group.

Why use it:

  • Money is a critical topic in marriage.
  • The studies teach practical life application of biblical principles about finances.

Where to get it:

  • Visit FamilyLife to order the books and learn more about the studies. Or call 1-800-FL-TODAY to order the books.
  • You can also order a single book (with the content for a group study but just for one person/couple) through our bookstore.

What people think:

  • “It helps couples communicate, to understand each other better, to have a systematic way of problem-solving marriage issues, and learn how to manage money better,” says police officer Dick Cimms of Aurora, Colorado. Dick and Kathy had couples in their home every other Sunday night. “Thirty percent of these couples are unchurched unbelievers and are neighbors we invited. One was an engineer with the fire department and is now a part of our church.”
  • “I would absolutely recommend this study to young couples for how to shape their finances, to set a budget and to be financially responsible,” says Matt Maguire of Maumelle, Arkansas. Matt and Robin used it in their church Sunday school class with 6 couples.

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