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Welcome to Cru UWI


Cru T&T campus ministry is a caring community passionate about connecting students to Jesus and to one another. It is a wonderful place to belong during a student’s campus journey and beyond.  The ministry desires to help university students become ‘the total student’ by equipping them with tools for their spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and social development.






Our Goals


  • Build Community
  • Spiritual multiplication through evangelism and discipleship
  • Develop new leaders
  • Build a strong online presence


Build Community 

  • Connect with students during our weekly Meetings after meetings 

  • Games night every semester for a fun time together and get to know each other

  • Invite students to be part of a small group bible study where they can connect on a deeper level

  • Keep love and community atmosphere at Connect and Bible Study. 

Spiritual Multiplication 

  • Share the gospel weekly with students on campus, invite them to join a discipleship group 

  • Train students to start a new discipleship group with other students

Develop new leaders

  • Give opportunities for students to serve in different areas of the movement initially as part of a ministry team Helpers. 

  • Identify FAT (Faithful Available Teachable) students and challenge them to become student leaders of the movement.

Strong Online Presence 

  • Connect with "onliners'' one on one or generally through social media and other online platforms. We post creative, interesting and up to date info about who we are, our meetings, activities and how they can be involved.

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