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Spiritual Leadership: Summary of Our 4-Part Series

4 practical articles to help you on your journey

Sarah Freyermuth
Photo by Guy Gerrard

Choosing to be a spiritual leader to those around you begins a rewarding, challenging and sometimes confusing journey. Whether just beginning the process or having many years under your belt, this series offers something practical for you.

Part 1: A Quest to Find More

"She hoped that what seemed impossible in her native Cambodia really wasn't."

Smey's concerns connected her to other young leaders at a rare event hosted in Southeast Asia. Her hope deferred led her on a quest to find more, where she discovered a community of like-minded people.

Part 2: Defining Spiritual Movements: An Illustration

"What does Campus Crusade for Christ mean by spiritual movements?"

Spiritual movements don't happen on their own. Leaders like you must first accept the challenge to build them. To help others understand the difference between ministry and a spiritual movement, vice president for the Americas Steve Sellers uses the illustration of an apple and its seeds.

Part 3: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

"For most Christians, the desire to help others know God runs deep. Common challenges can jeopardize that."

Everyone encounters trials in spiritual leadership. But people around the world have discovered solutions, turning obstacles into opportunities.

Part 4: Now It's Your Turn

"Do you find yourself inspired to leave a spiritual legacy, but confused about where to start?"

Your influence can reach others from your home, at your workplace and in your community. Others before you have paved the way; now it's your turn. Explore 17 hyperlinks in the article offering "next step" suggestions.

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