Spiritual Growth

Transferable Concepts

Bill Bright

Dr. Bill Bright wrote these articles at the very inception of Campus Crusade for Christ as an easy way to transfer the most essential truths of the faith to a young believer. Over 60 years later, they are still relevant and effective.

This resource contains 10 PDF files:

File 1.  How To Be Sure you are a Christian.pdf
File 2.  How You Can Experience God’s Love and Forgiveness.pdf
File 3.  How You Can Be Filled with the Holy Spirit.pdf
File 4.  How to Walk in the Spirit.pdf
File 5.  How You Can Be a Fruitful Witness.pdf
File 6.  How You Can Introduce Others to Christ.pdf
File 7.  How You Can Help Fulfill the Great Commission.pdf
File 8.  How You Can Love by Faith.pdf
File 9.  How You Can Pray with Confidence.pdf
File 10.  How You Can Experience the Adventure of Giving.pdf

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