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Sharing Your Faith With an App

Marilyn Adamson July 27, 2016

Each day, more than 900 people tell us they've asked Jesus into their lives while on our outreach site, EveryStudent.com.

Are you curious to see exactly how God draws someone to himself while they're on this site? Here's a peak under the hood. A remarkable story of one person...

“I struggled with a lot of loneliness and anxiety through my undergrad years. I finally got to a point of really wanting out of the cycle of negativity, and I dove into many self-help articles on happiness, Buddhism/zen, yoga, and the "New Age" stuff – trying out meditation, crystal/energy healing, and finally, Chakra healing.

I knew God existed, I think I was just purposely denying Him. Replacing the name of God with "Universe" felt so much easier.

The last straw was when I paid nearly $200 for an online chakra healing program that PROMISED happiness, forever. As you can see, I was desperate. I was alone in my room, putting all my hope into this program, and about to watch a live introductory seminar. A 10-second countdown began, and suddenly, so clearly in my heart I heard, ‘You don't need this, turn it off.’ And I did.

I got to your website with a question I typed into Google. Once I found it, I was stuck on it. I spent a couple of days on it. Finally I could understand who Jesus is and how He fits into the past, present, and future. I felt so invited by Him through your site to be in a relationship with Him, and I was really excited, knowing my desperate search for healing and happiness was over, and that I was covered in His love.

I prayed a prayer of salvation on my knees in my room after reading one of your articles, and I have been changing ever since. I am so thankful for getting to know Jesus and for the way I am changing/growing. Thank you for making Him understandable to begin with. I am loving my journey.”

You can copy the page URL found at the top of any article or video on EveryStudent.com, then paste that page URL into a message to share with a friend.

Or...now EveryStudent.com is available as an app for your phone! (Android or iOS) You can always have it with you, to start a conversation or help someone explore deeper. It works in places without wi-fi.

The Every Student app is helpful to anyone, not just students. Articles and videos tackle tough spiritual questions like God’s existence and the Trinity, as well as life issues like pornography addiction and sexual identity.


You can store your favorite articles for easy reference by clicking on the heart-shaped favorites icon at the top of the article. This makes it easy to show them to a friend or neighbor.

The website and app clearly explain how to begin a relationship with God, and both offer an email series follow-up to help people grow.

Content is available in 40 languages, from Albanian to Vietnamese.

Available for free on the Google Play store and the App store.

Learn more about the Every Student app

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