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Freshman Survival Kits

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People said it would never work . . .

Looking for an innovative way to connect with new students on campus, the Campus Ministry developed Freshman Survival Kits , or FSKs, combining the universal love of free stuff with their desire to tell others about Jesus.

And 12 years later, that simple idea continues to grow. This year alone, over 27,300 FSKs, containing evangelistic materials and novelty items, were shipped to campus ministry teams across the nation.

More than 1 million FSKs containing Bibles, books, water bottles, highlighters, and a downloadable music card packaged in a laundry bag have been distributed on campuses since 1996. Cru created the Freshman Survival Kits to provide every college student with the opportunity to know Christ.


These kits give staff members or student leaders a friendly and low-pressure opportunity to talk to students about God. When combined with spiritually-themed questionnaires, the foundation for future conversations is set, and many recipients later attend large group meetings or Bible studies.

It’s estimated that each kit exposes 3 to 5 people to the gospel message because of the tendency for students to share the contents with friends and roommates. For campuses without a current Cru presence, an FSK outreach helps identify the level of interest and possible leaders. “FSKs have proven to be the #1 tool for launching new ministries,” says Jane Stump, who directs the project nationally.

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