Outreach Strategies

Continuing the Conversation

Libby Swenson

Here are a few ideas to share Christ in the context of a justice conversation, with the intention that they will spark more questions, ideas, and conversations.


When talking to someone about human trafficking, these questions can be helpful:

  1. How do you feel about this?
  2. What did you know about slavery and trafficking before today?
  3. What type of questions does slavery raise in you?
  4. If you could do something about this injustice, what would you do?
  5. What do you think about injustice in general?
  6. Would you be interested in being involved with a small group to talk about human trafficking, injustice and oppression around the world?
  7. If you could be with a group of people to talk about what God thinks about this and what the Bible says about it, would you be interested?
  8. Do you think God cares about this? Why or why not?

(This is a great opportunity to explain what “being made in the image of God” means. It’s also an excellent opening to share Isaiah 53 – how and why Jesus Himself experienced injustice.)


The Cru Denver team created a survey to use on campus during their justice week at Denver University:

  • Q: What injustices in the world around you concern you most?
  • Q: How much hope do you have that these injustices could become rectified? Why?
  • Q: What do you give this hope or lack of hope to? (People, institutions, resources, yourself, time)
  • Q: What do you think is your responsibility in helping these injustices become rectified?
  • Q: What movements that address injustice are you a part of? Why or why not?
  • Q: What do you believe is the injustice or brokenness in your own life?
  • Q: What do you give hope to that the injustice or brokenness can be healed?
  • Q: How do you think Cru could come alongside you and other students in their brokenness and the injustice around us?


Soularium is a wonderful tool for facilitating deeper levels of conversation. You can utilize Soularium during Justice Week, or during any conversation about injustice. Using the standard Soularium pack of fifty images, ask the following questions:

  1. Which card best represents justice? Why?
  2. Which best represents injustice? Why?
  3. Which card represents God’s view of injustice? Why?

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