Evangelism Principles

My Old School Way of Sharing the Gospel

Paul Nunez March 6, 2017

Ah, the Four Spiritual Laws.  

This little yellow booklet has been used by Cru staff members and volunteers for several decades to explain the gospel to people all over the world. It had a radical impact on my life.

I was a freshman at University of California, Davis in 1999 when a staff member from Cru, Dave Lowe, shared the content of this booklet with me. The verses in this booklet and Dave’s explanations changed my life forever. Literally for eternity.

What makes this booklet so powerful is how it logically, succinctly, and visually explains the purpose and message of Christ and the gospel. Having the verses right in front of you while someone explains them ensures better understanding and retention than someone just talking off the cuff. Using a booklet also transfers authority from the person talking to the Scriptures themselves, making it easier to respond more wholeheartedly.

I don’t remember too much of that conversation, but a few things stand out that were particularly powerful.

  1. The opening line “just as there are physical laws that govern the physical universe, so are there spiritual laws that govern our relationship with God” – so logical! I was hooked.

  2. Dave emphasized God’s plan for me was a personal relationship with Himself. I had never really understood this before. I knew Jesus died and rose from the grave, but never connected the purpose that all this was so that I could  have a real, personal, relationship with God. For the first time, I began to experience being loved by God through His desiring to know me personally.

  3. It connected the dots as to why Jesus had to die. I understood not just that He died, but why He had to die for me, and what was as at stake in Him doing this.

  4. It explained the significance of the Resurrection. Why did it matter that He rose? It proved Jesus really was God.

  5. The invitation to accept Christ. I think this is where the Four Spiritual Laws both sets itself apart from some other gospel presentations and makes it a lighting rod for controversy. For me, it was exactly what I needed. I was ready. I was convinced He was the Savior, my savior. I had always “believed,” but now I understood. The eyes of my heart had been opened. I was ready to live with Jesus as Lord of my life. I invited Jesus into my life right then and there in Memorial Union at UC Davis.

Cru has since then updated the booklet, changed the name, and some of the verses, but I still highly recommend the Four Spiritual Laws as a one-on-one personal evangelism tool. This version is my personal go-to. My team in San Jose, California, uses the booklet with college students and finds it highly effective for evangelism alongside a positive relationship.

What about you? What impacted you at a similar stage in your life?

Cru in Switzerland developed an updated tool to share the Four Spiritual Laws called The Four.  

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About the author: Paul grew up going to church and believing intellectually in Jesus and all the stories. But his faith was all religion and no relationship until a Cru staff, named Dave, explained the Gospel and all the lights went on. Fast forward many years, and currently you will find Paul and his wife Jamie serving on the campuses of San Jose State and the Silicon Valley. They love to go to the beach with their three children and are always ready to play a boardgame or ultimate frisbee.

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