What Type of Spiritual Gifts Do You Have?


These gifts are used to advance the gospel: apostleship, missions and evangelism. 

We have grouped the specific gifts into categories to highlight the kinds of tasks God gives them for, not to restrict them to certain settings. God may use His gifts more broadly than we describe here.

Those with the spiritual gift of apostleship (not to be confused with the special role of Jesus' 12 apostles) start new ministries, go into places where the gospel has not been preached, reach across cultures to establish churches in challenging environments, and raise and develop leaders. (Acts 10:34-35; Ephesians 3:7-8) 

Today, church planters and missionaries are operating out of their gift of apostleship, as are those Christian leaders God raises to lead and influence multiple churches and pastors. People with the gift of apostleship often have several other gifts, such as evangelism, teaching, leadership, faith and exhortation, and they are motivated by difficult new tasks.

The gift of evangelism is the God-given ability and desire to boldly and clearly communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to people who don’t know Him. Those with the gift of evangelism often care passionately about nonbelievers and have a strong desire to see others meet Jesus. (Ephesians 4:11)

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Every follower of Jesus is called to make a spiritual difference in the lives of others. Your spiritual gifts were given to you by God to equip you to strengthen the faith and encourage the growth of others. 

Now that you know more about your type of spiritual gift, how will you take a step toward using the gift God gave you? 

The local church is a great place to start using and developing your gifts. What are some needs in the church and in the world that your gifts can meet?

For a more in-depth assessment of your spiritual gifts, visit gifts.churchgrowth.org.

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