How Do You Really View God?

You view God as...

You see God as totally unengaged. You feel that God is distant or missing in action. You tend to view God as largely irrelevant.

People have many different perceptions of what God is like. Some see Him as a divine Santa Claus-like figure. Others see Him as a vengeful dictator. Many people fear God because they have a distorted understanding of His character. God not only wants you to view Him correctly, He wants you to know Him intimately.

How you view God and His involvement in your life touches every facet of who you are. Everything about your life — your desires, motives, attitudes, words and actions — is influenced by your perception of who God is.

Your self-image will improve once you realize the awesome greatness of God and the value He places on you. The more accurate your understanding of who God really is and how He is involved in your life, the more highly motivated you will become to excel in the use of your time, talents and abilities.

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