6 Creative Ways to Experience Easter

Consider creative ways to experience Christ this Easter.


Easter is April 12.

Here are six ideas for you to use and invite others to experience the love of Christ in creative ways this Easter.




1. Experience by Watching

  • Make it a movie night! Grab some popcorn, invite friends over and host a movie night in your living room or under the stars in your backyard. We’ve listed some movie options below. After the movie, spark conversation using some discussion questions included here.




2. Experience Through Technology

  • The Easter Collection, “Anticipate the Resurrection”, is a series of quick videos that will help you share the Easter story and reflect on the life, death and love of a Savior. To access the collection, download the Jesus Film App for free here: www.jesusfilm.org/app

  • GodTools equips you to confidently talk with others about how they can begin and grow their relationship with God…even if you’ve never shared your faith before. Download the GodTools App for free here: https://godtoolsapp.com/

  • Use these phone wallpapers to start conversations with others about Easter and to remind yourself of the hope we have in Jesus’ death and resurrection.




3. Experience by Reading




4. Experience with Others

  • Attend church on Easter. Are you already going? Invite a friend to go with you to church on Easter Sunday. You may consider extending an invitation to a church program like a Passion play or Easter concert and then have a conversation with them about it. Ask questions like:

    • » “Did your family have any religious traditions during the holidays?”

    • » “Where do you see yourself on your spiritual journey?”

    • » “Would you like to know God personally?”




5. Experience by Leading a Discussion

Not sure how to start a conversation about Jesus? Check out these helpful tips:




6. Experience Through Praying

  • Get to know your neighbors by dropping off an Easter treat and asking how you can pray for them. Follow up with them a few days later to ask how they are doing. You might also use this as an opportunity to invite them to church with you on Easter Sunday.

and Always Remember ...

Ask God for wisdom and guidance. Focus on the eternal truth we are pointing to – Jesus. When you are ready, you can use this resource to share the gospel:

Happy Easter!


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