6 Things the Church Does and Why You Need to Be Part of It

Lisa Haynes

Jesus invites us to come to Him “as is.”

This is a wonderful comfort because sometimes life is messy or uncertain. In the midst of a major change or during a deep struggle, you may not have a strong support system in place or know where to turn. But God is there for you.

Starting a journey with God can happen anywhere at any time, and you might not know what you need to move forward in your faith or maintain your momentum.

What does your situation look like? Do you have support? Do you regularly meet with other Christians? Are you being challenged to take the next steps in your faith?

We Can’t Do It Alone

If you’re not sure what you need or what to do next, you’re in good company. A man named Cornelius in the book of Acts felt the same way. His story took place not long after the New Testament church began.

Cornelius was a faithful man, and he respected God. He gave to the poor and spent time talking to God. He encouraged his entire household to follow his example. Cornelius wanted to deepen his relationship with God, but he wasn’t sure how to do that.

One day, an angel appeared to Cornelius while he was praying. The angel told him God heard his prayers and wanted him to meet with a leader of the church, an apostle named Peter. An apostle was someone appointed and authorized by Jesus as His representative.

Right away, Cornelius sent his servants to invite Peter to visit his home. He gathered his friends and relatives to be there when Peter showed up.

Peter preached the good news of peace through Jesus Christ and “the Holy Spirit fell on all who were listening to the message” (Acts 10:44, New Living Translation).

Cornelius and the rest of his group were baptized, then Peter stayed at his house for several days. God solved Cornelius’ problem and blessed his friends and family by connecting him to the church.

Growing Together

Peter helped to govern the church and defend it against false teachers. He, along with pastors, evangelists, teachers and prophets formed its primary leadership structure (Ephesians 4:11).

As Pastor Mack Stiles describes it, the church is “the God-ordained local assembly of believers who have committed themselves to each other.”

They …

  1. Gather regularly.
  2. Teach the Word.
  3. Celebrate communion and baptism.
  4. Discipline their members.
  5. Establish a biblical structure of leadership.
  6. Pray and give together.

Are you part of a church in your community? If the answer is “no,” pray for God’s direction in finding one. He probably won't send an angel as he did to Cornelius, but He does promise to guide us if we ask. Once you find a church, you’ll gain the solid support structure you need as you continue your journey with God.

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