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Over the years, Cru has been known for emphasizing two things: evangelism and the Spirit-filled life.

Because understanding the ministry of the Holy Spirit is so vital to individuals and movements, we’ve got to keep our focus on training, teaching, and living the Spirit-filled life. Over and over and over.

Here are some tools that will help you weave the Spirit-filled life into key ministry activities.

But before digging into this list, read this brief article on making the third person of the Trinity central to your ministry:  Remember the Holy Spirit


Need content for your Cru meeting?

Don't Hold Your Breath  - A great tool for a weekly meeting or small group bible study, this 15 minute video features Rick James (with a fishing rod) describing the elements of the Spirit-filled life.

Alternative use: Don’t like showing videos at large group meetings? Try it later in the semester at Freshmen studies.


Need good follow-up?

Satisfied? - This time-tested booklet communicates foundational truths about the ministry of the Spirit in the life of a believer. (Also available for mobile devices via the GodTools App .)

Alternative use: Train student leaders how to use it and then have them incorporate each concept as the primary topic during a four-week Bible Study series.


Need Bible Study material?

Thirsty - A two-week devotional that expands and develops on all the concepts of the Spirit Filled Life, devoting a day’s lesson and reflection to each principle. Available in print  or free PDF version (optimized for tablets). 

Alternative use: Use with new students (in October or February) for self-study or in group discipleship.


Need to train staff or student leaders?

Theological Perspective on the Holy Spirit - This article provides clarity about the person and role of the Holy Spirit and offers some thoughts on issues that frequently arise when discussing the Holy Spirit.

Alternative use: Read and discuss this during team time. Use as a basis for a Cru talk or large group student training session. The section “The Old Testament Context” is a great foundation for a biblical timeline on God’s presence.


Find even more Holy Spirit-related resources at Cru.org and at StartingWithGod.com


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