These questions will help you articulate your campus vision. As your vision solidifies, these pages will help you share it with other students.

1. After spending a significant amount of time in prayer and the Word, what are your ideas for the campus two to four years from now?

2. What specific scriptures are you praying about for the campus? Write out each verse or passage.

3. What would your campus look like when these promises are fulfilled (i.e., the spiritual responsiveness of non-believers, the spiritual walk of believers, the spiritual tone of the campus, the character, vision, and biblical convictions of Christian students, etc.)?

4. What vision and promises is the Lord giving you concerning the kind of person you’ll become in order to see your vision fulfilled?

5. What is God showing you regarding the spiritual health and training of your student leaders?

6. Since small plans don’t inflame the minds of men, what faith stretching events can you do in the next two to four years to fulfill your vision?

7. In light of the vision God has given you for the next two to four years, what is He showing you to do or become this year?


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