God Gave Us 12

A church’s mentoring program expands with help from Cru.

Katie Croft

Sitting in a circle of chairs at the back of the sanctuary, men and women recount stories of how the church’s mentoring program has enriched their lives. Chantal Bunn, a wife and mother of two, helps direct this newly founded church ministry. 

“Discipleship calls adults to partner with another adult in a one-year relationship with set curriculum,” Chantal explains. “In the beginning I prayed God would give us 10 people that would be interested in being disciplers,” she says, “God gave us 12.”

That was seven months earlier. Now there are almost 60 people involved in the church’s discipleship program in Farmington, Ark.

Many of these men and women will soon walk another person through the same lessons they are now completing. The four-book series from Cru City covers topics like purity, eternity and evangelism.

Chantal first completed the series with Lisa Pineira, a staff member with Cru.

“I think there are a lot of people who want to make a difference but they don’t know how,” says Lisa. “This approach gives them tracks to run on so they can focus on relationship. It gives confidence that ‘I can actually do this!’”

Discipleship is more than a Bible study. It’s a commitment to pass on truth to another person and challenging them to continue the pattern. Just like Chantal has done.

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