What Are the Questions?

What’s Our Response?

Overall, we should work hard in our present job and/or at preparing for our future job. This will allow God to provide for our needs financially as we follow the principles in His Word.

This series is only the first step. We highly encourage you to take the Financial Peace University course with Dave Ramsey, often available at a local church; check FPU.com for locations. This will give you a more thorough teaching of the topic, both biblically and practically.





1. What can happen when we do not track our income and expenses?

2. What might be some advantages of knowing where all your money is being utilized?


Read out loud together: Proverbs 27:18, 23-27

The Proverbs provide basic advice for wise living in practical daily work; in fact, Solomon wrote them to teach young people how to live wisely. As background, in the time Solomon lived, most people’s income came from farming or raising livestock. From the passage, think how the principles apply to us in our present world.

3. Looking at Proverbs 27:18. What do you observe as the “cause and effect” factors in this verse? In what ways do you think this verse speaks to us today?

4. Now look at 27:23-27. If you were a farmer or cattle rancher, what advice do you find here that would be valuable in providing for a family? List as many pieces of advice as you can as a group.

5. What would happen as a farmer/rancher, if you did not pay attention to or give proper care to your fields, animals and family?

6. What impact does this passage have on your attitudes and behavior? As you consider your current situation, what are practical ways you can apply the truths of this passage?

Read aloud together: Philippians 4:15-19

Keep in mind that the Apostle Paul endured incredible hardships as seen in 2 Corinthians 11:23-28. (If you have time, read this out loud.) Paul went through imprisonments, repeated beatings, and was even left for dead after an attempted execution with stones. He almost died at sea, was severely threatened by his enemies, was exposed to the elements, spent sleepless nights, went hungry and thirsty, suffered exposure to cold and great emotional pressure from his concern for all the churches to which he ministered. So Paul is making a big statement in Philippians 4:19.

7. What is the main promise in this verse? Why do you think Paul was able to make this bold statement?


8. How do Proverbs 27:18, 23-27 and Philippians 4:19 fit together?

9. What do you sense God is nudging you to apply from the principles in these verses? Take the time to be specific and personal.

10. Google “Dave Ramsey’s Envelope System.” Consider using the envelope/online payments system, which we highly recommend. Dave Ramsey describes how to use it on this site. Take the time to make changes to your spending plan from last week and decide what tracking system you will use.

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