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Pregnant and Heartbroken, a Thai Woman Finds Hope in Jesus

Jennifer Abegg

Five months pregnant with her boyfriend's baby, Keng Chongthaveethum flew to Sydney, Australia, to be with him. There she discovered that her Australian lover was seeing another woman.

Keng considered suicide. "But then I thought I wasn't that stupid," she explains, "and I cried out for God's help without knowing who He is."

She returned to her hometown of Bangkok, Thailand. After her daughter Nickie was born, Keng found a job as a receptionist at the YWCA there.

All 100 YWCA employees are required to attend the weekly chapel services there. Keng was surprised by what she heard each week. "I wondered," says Keng, "Are they telling the truth?"

So when, a few months later, Prapasri Rarevutipong, a staff member with Cru, conducted a "spiritual survey" at the YWCA, Keng agreed to meet with her.

After the survey, the two met again in the YWCA cafeteria over lunch. "She had so many questions about Christianity," remembers Prapasri, who explained the gospel to Keng.

"I am not ready yet," Keng replied, noticing that her lunch hour was already over. "Come back next week and I will receive Christ properly."

The following week, Keng accepted Jesus as her Savior. She then showed the JESUS video to her 8-year-old sister, Mook, who prayed and received Christ. Mook soon helped lead their mom to faith in the Lord.

"When I look back," says Keng, "I can see that He came to help me just in time."

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