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The Best Present

8-year old Eva Margret gives her friends JESUS.

Amber Kinneer

Wanting to tell fellow classmates about Jesus, 8-year old Eva Margret decided to give them The Story of Jesus for Children DVD in Icelandic. She would give them a copy of the film on their birthdays as a gift.

At her church in Reykjavik, a woman approached Eva's father to tell him that her daughter and Eva were classmates.

Eva had given the daughter a copy of the DVD for her birthday, and the family watched it together. The woman said, "We are all now in church because of this." She continued to explain to Eva's father how they have seen many changes in the family since watching the DVD.

One evening, a young couple saw their youngest daughter declare, "I am a Christian and have been forgiven of my sins." They replied, "How did this come about?" She explained that she had been watching the film and, at the close, she prayed with the children in the story and asked Jesus into her heart. The parents told of the change that had taken place in her attitude and of her desire for spiritual things.

The DVD has been distributed to every home in the Icelandic villages of Stykkishólmur, Westman Islands, Hvolsvöllur and Höfn. More than 6,000 copies have been given away around Iceland.

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