Physical and spiritual food to Kenya

GAiN teams up with The Jesus Film Project.

Rich Atkinson

It was like a spiritual combo meal, providing both physical food and spiritual food in rural Kenya.

Global Aid Network (GAiN®), the humanitarian aid and relief branch of Cru, provided 600 rice-soy meals to about 1,000 people in the Samburu region in northern Kenya. This was in partnership with Joy Evangelistic Ministry in Nairobi.

Then The Jesus Film Project® provided the spiritual food by sending seven sets of solar-powered audio and visual presentation equipment. Each set of equipment is contained in a single backpack that helps open up remote regions to hear the message of Jesus’ love and forgiveness for the very first time.

When Pastor Lepario took the equipment and showed the Jesus film, based on the Gospel of Luke, in the thick forest of Lulu, 98 people gave their lives to Jesus, and 20 of them were baptized the next day.

In the towns of Loitoriori and Maralal, 1,100 people have heard about Jesus through watching the film and 130 have placed their faith in Christ. In Maralal, children encouraged their parents to come to church as they eagerly attended the Jesus film.

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