Global Church Movements

Global Church Movements

Participants sharing at Go 2023 training and outreach in Arouca, Trinidad and Tobago


Global Church Movements contributes to the fulfillment of Cru’s mission of winning, building, and sending Christ-centred multiplying disciples by helping establish vital, multiplying and sustainable churches and faith communities, one for every thousand people, in every rural village, suburban neighborhood, urban high-rise and digital community.  This would include every tribe, tongue, people and nation (Revelation 7:9).

Over 8 billion people inhabit the world today. Of those, approximately 2.5 billion claim to have some form of relationship with Jesus, while the remaining 5.5 billion people do not. By working together in the body of Christ and mobilizing the true believers, Global Church Movements seeks to play its part in engaging the remaining population with the good news of Jesus Christ and establish church multiplication movements. Global Church Movements exists to help establish vital, multiplying and sustainable churches and missional communities, among every 1,000 people, in every city, village and digital community.

We accomplish our mission through five bold actions:

1) Boldly PRAY

GCM promotes a faith-filled way of life by being: i) God-attentive, ii) God-dependent, iii) God-responsive and iv) God-expectant.

2) Boldly GO

GCM inspires vision within the body of Christ to reach into missional gaps and plant a vital church or missional community for every 1,000 people.

3) Boldly MOBILISE

GCM helps mobilize local churches and equip saints for ministry. Our goal is for every GCM staff member to work with at least 50 volunteer leaders.

4) Boldly PARTNER

GCM works together with member organizations of GACX (Global Alliance for Church Multiplication) and other like-minded networks. We believe that the power of two working together is greater than the sum of what two people do individually.

5) Boldly MULTIPLY

GCM supports and establishes church multiplication movements to the fourth generation and beyond. We inspire and equip disciples to make disciples, leaders to train leaders, and movements to start movements.


Opportunities for Involvement


Opportunities for involvement:

There are various ways you can be involved in furthering God’s kingdom through church planting movements. You can:

➔ Pray

➔ Be trained in essential principles and practices of church multiplication movements

➔ Plant and lead a multiplying church or missional community

➔ Coach leaders

➔ Invest financial resources

➔ Go on a vision trip

➔ Offer your expertise in research, communication skills, etc.



In Trinidad & Tobago, GCM partners annually with other local Christian organizations and churches to take part in the global evangelistic effort called GO Day (from the GO Movement). GO Day is part of GO Month (May) and happens on the last Saturday of the month.  On this day millions of Christians across the year share their faith with at least one person who does not know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.  Locally, since 2020, GCM (with the help of the Digital Strategies arm) has held online training sessions during the month of May.

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