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You want to make a difference. For your family and friends. In your community. On your campus. Around the world.

We want to help! That’s why we are making as many resources available to you as we can, online and in print. has articles and videos about all kinds of questions related to God, Jesus and the hard things in life that make faith difficult and necessary. They are easy to share as conversation starters or answers to questions. There is even a place to chat with someone in real time. is the place for people who are just beginning their life in Christ. Visitors can look for nearby churches or groups to meet with, sign up for email discipleship help, chat with someone or read about the things new Christians often ask or wonder.

Got a smart phone? Download the GodTools app! GodTools combines some of the best articles from with some digital versions of Cru’s most effective tools for sharing the gospel – all at your fingertips whether you’re online or not. is our largest collection of online resources, so here are some good starting points for exploring:

Coaches are available to talk with you about leading ministry, too.

  • For College and University ministry, call 800-678-5462
  • For High School and Junior High Ministry, call 877-GOCAMPUS (462-2678)

You can find hard copies of these materials (and more) at

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