Lighting The Way

Tez Brooks

Last year Matt and Angus spent a few weeks of their summer vacation on a Summer Project with Cru.

One moonless night when they were given the challenge to go out and talk to people about Jesus, Matt, Angus and some other friends approached two girls and a fisherman.

Matt started chatting with the girls, while Angus talked to the fisherman.

The fisherman had no experience of Christianity and only knew “God” as a swear word. Angus asked the fisherman how he would react if he could have a personal relationship with God. The man said he would be interested.

At this point Angus wanted to use the tract he had with him to help communicate the message but realized it was too dark to read.

Then Angus remembered a new application on his iPhone called Knowing God Personally. He had downloaded it for free, compliments of Cru. So by the light of his iPhone Angus presented the gospel.

Every concept was brand new to the fisherman, so understandably, when it came to the point of response, he needed time to think about it. Nevertheless, in just a few moments, the fisherman’s perception of God had changed from an expletive to a personal friend.

Meanwhile one of the girls, Caitlin, refused to be a part of Matt’s conversation and stepped back from the crowd to dial a friend. She could be overheard on the phone saying, “I can’t believe we’re talking about God stuff with these guys; it’s garbage!”

Moments later, Caitlin walked back to ask the guys a question: “So my friend on the phone says I should ask you, ‘If God hates homosexuality, why did He make people with that tendency? How come God makes people just so He can hate them?’”

Angus and the team explained God’s love for sinful people, but not for their sins. Jess, one of the other girls was interested to hear the team’s answer. Angus turned to her and asked, “Have you ever heard of the concept of knowing God personally?”

“No, but I believe God is everywhere, watching everything we do,” Jess responded.

“Would it be fair to say that if someone watches you closely, they would get to know you pretty well?”


Angus smiled, “Would it be reasonable then to say they would want you to know them in return?”

“I reckon.”

“Well that’s how God feels about you. Would you like to hear how you can get to know God?”

“Yeah, sure.”

Angus pulled out his iPhone again. Like the fisherman, Jess also heard the gospel that dark night for the first time.

No one made a decision to follow Jesus that evening. However, Angus and Matt know all they can really do is share the gospel in the power of the Holy Spirit and leave the results to God. Please continue to pray for the fisherman, Jess and Caitlin.

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