Innovation on Campus

Reaching students through new media.

Tez Brooks
Photo by Tina Meyer

Believing that the harvest is plentiful, Brian – a Cru staff member at California State University – began experimenting with streaming live video for their weekly meetings.

Initially Brian felt some reservations about whether this would work. What if it just encouraged student to stay in their dorms, rather than attend meetings in person? However, while in the past six months more students did indeed tune in than actually attend the meetings, attendance in person still has been higher than before the streaming occurred.

The live feed assists those students who have exams to study for or other activities that prevent them from attending the meetings. In addition, it enables non-involved students to check out the meetings without subjecting themselves to the uncomfortable situation of attending a Christian gathering, not knowing what to expect.

Staff members like Brian are not uncommon to Cru. By actively trusting God to learn new and innovative ways to do ministry, Brian more than doubled the student participation in weekly meetings.

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