Highlights from the last year on campus. #cruoncampus

October 15, 2014

Thank You

Thanks to your generous support of Cru, students and faculty all over the world are experiencing the transformational power of the gospel and are growing in relationships with Christ. Enjoy these snapshots of what your support has accomplished in the last year.

Twelve-Month Snapshot

Rejoice over what God has done through your support this year!
(August 2013 – July 2014)

A New Generation

Your support invests in thousands of ethnic students around the country – students like Javier, who is the first person in his family to follow Christ.

Text 4 Cookies

You supported creative outreaches like the one at UC Davis, where Cru members delivered freshly-baked cookies to students’ dorm rooms in exchange for taking an online spiritual interest survey. This innovative use of technology led to great spiritual conversations.

Summer Project in Your Living Room

Your generous gifts helped fund Mission Summer, a mission and training experience open to any student anywhere in the world. This summer 249 students joined in on a weekly interactive webcast and an online course helping them connect with God, live missionally, and move toward personal growth.


A short-term team of American missionaries spent a year traveling to a different country each month in Eastern Europe with the goal of finding local Christian leaders and helping them start collegiate ministries. Altogether they raised up 27 new key volunteers and started 8 new collegiate ministries.

Tackling a Misconception

Your investment helped reach students like Antonio, a high school football player who once thought of Christianity as “the white man’s religion.” God worked to change his mind and soften his heart despite the deaths in his family and the brokenness, danger, and crime in Indianapolis.

You're Invited

Thanks to your partnership with Cru, over 700 women received Christ this year when they attended Girls’ Night Out, an outreach event held at about 15 college campuses. Hearing Marian Jordan’s testimony, the women realized only Jesus could fill the “God-shaped holes in their souls.”

“I was an atheist until about last night when I chose to take a shot at connecting with Jesus. The life of an atheist is devoid of any real hope and that just wasn’t the life for me. I am ready to have a relationship with him. I look forward to more emails.” – Kristopher, a student who visited the site this year.

Open Door, Open Heart

One night after feeling uncomfortable at a party, Lizzy found herself welcomed into a house full of Cru women, where she placed her faith in Christ. Her life is now so different that her friends have asked her about the change.

The Question Rarely Asked in Class

An English professor at a Big Ten university works hard each semester to personally get to know each of her students. On the final day of class last spring, the students asked her, “What gives you life?” She used this opportunity to share her faith with them and told them about the life-giving love of Christ.

“I Used to Laugh at the Bible...”

“Before I came to America, I never saw a Bible or heard the gospel. I told people I believe in science but actually I believe in power and money. I used to laugh at the Bible.”

– Daisy, an international student from China who is now a follower of Christ.

Can I Buy You Dinner?

You sponsored outreaches to faculty, like the one at California Polytechnic State University, where 35 students took their professors to a faculty appreciation dinner. They honored their professors and shared the gospel with them.

God's Not Dead

Thanks to your support, Cru high school students in Houston were able to reach out to their friends by inviting them to a special showing of the movie, “God’s Not Dead.” Afterward, two student leaders shared the gospel. Over 200 students heard the message and 63 trusted Christ.

All-Time High

Thanks to your generosity and God’s grace, this has been the most fruitful year of evangelism in the history of the US campus ministry.

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