Second Time Around

In one year, a student's change from non-believing to anticipating Christ.

Katie Croft
Photo courtesy Megan Hutchinson

It was much different the 2nd time around.

Alexandra Aron walked into the room with 150 women from Florida State University to attend “Girls Night Out” for the 2nd year in a row.

When she was a freshman, Alex left the evangelistic evening hosted by Cru asking to learn more about Jesus.

One year later, Alex returned, and 51 women marked an interest in talking more about spiritual things.

“It is an affirmation that other students are like me,” she says, a smile stretching across her face. “It was cool seeing it from the other side, so to speak. ”

Alex remembers listening to last year’s speaker explain the overarching truth that every person has a space in her soul that only God can fill.

She found herself silently thinking, That all makes sense but I don’t totally understand it.

At the end of the night, Alex indicated on a comment card her desire to learn more.

Adrienne Butz, a staff member with Cru, met up with Alex several times after the event to explain more about Jesus.

“By March, I knew what I needed to know,” she says.  Alex prayed to God, acknowledging her need for a Savior and placing her trust in Jesus.

“It was such a lovely day,” Alex remembers. “The real work began then.”

This year, 2 of Alex’s sorority sisters indicated an interest to meet with someone and talk about spiritual things after the event. Alex can’t help but wonder, What does God have in store for them this year?

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