Surfing the internet changed my life

Hi, my name is Balázs.

I’m from Hungary. I live in Budapest.

Let me tell you how I became a Christian. Maybe one year ago, I was at my previous workplace and I was just surfing the internet. I was at a Formula One site, and I saw a banner on the bottom of the site that was very interesting to me. It said, “6 reasons why God might be true.”

And I was interested in it so I clicked on it, and it brought me to the landing site. I read the article and it was very interesting to me, so I read all the other articles that were present on the site. And since it was very interesting to me, I chose to ask a question.

So I wrote my email, and I asked my hardest questions. Let’s see if someone can answer me.

And much to my surprise, I got an answer, and it was ok. I didn’t agree with everything at first, but it was very logical, and it was very clear.

So I wrote another email and got another answer and it was still good, so I started to correspond with a woman, a volunteer, from everystudent and after a while we became sort of friends and we met and I got to know her family.

And were talking about all these different topics about Christianity, and we were talking for months, once every one or two weeks.

And after a while I just ran out of questions, and I just thought, I’m convinced, I can’t reject it anymore. That’s how I became a Christian.

I started to read the Bible, I read the whole New Testament in a week. It was very convincing, I had never read the Bible before. And I started to go to church, to the same place where this volunteer and her family were going, and I was talking with her and her husband about all the different topics.

And after a while, this woman asked me if I wanted to answer some emails like she does, and I thought this might be a good chance to grow in faith even more and have a better view of the bigger picture, so I accepted.

So I kind of switched sides: first I was writing the email and now I am answering them.

Thank you very much.

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