Finding Your Purpose

Welcome to the Purpose Toolbox!

How you can you make a difference...?

By becoming part of something much bigger than yourself and giving back what Christ has given to you we find purpose and meaning in life. Cru wants to help you find your purpose, understand the person God created you to be and give you an opportunity to use your gifts to make an impact in the lives of high school students. 

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Who We Are

Since 1967, Cru has been reaching out to teenagers across America and around the world. Our team is made up of individuals who join hands with parents, educators, churches and community leaders. We help students and equip them to make a positive and eternal difference.


High school is where students set the trajectory for the rest of their lives. These students often have no one to talk to and know little about freedom in Christ Jesus. We connect students with Christ and help them learn what it looks like to reach their friends with the message of the Gospel.

Gifts Assessment

Gifts Assessment

We would love to help you understand your strengths and see how you could best reach students in your area. Cru has partnered with Predictive Index to give you a free strengths assessment. After taking the assessment a Cru staff member from your area will reach out to you.

The 5 Things

The 5 Things

These five things will help you live the life the life that God intended.

Redeeming God's World

Redeeming God's World

How can we actually make a difference in this world? Let's discover God's heart for this world

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