Duke Freshman Overcomes Insecurities to Boldly Tell About Jesus

Freshman girl at Duke University boldly tells peers about Jesus' love

Amber Kinneer
Photo courtesy of Elizabeth Matthews

Why am I doing this? This really isn't my gift, GraceAnna's mind raced. It was the day she planned to meet with Amy Li, and she only felt discouraged.

GraceAnna Broggi met Amy, a freshman at Duke University, at an ice cream social hosted by Cru during the first week of classes. As GraceAnna asked questions, she learned Amy's family was from East Asia, but she was born and raised in New York City.

Amy expressed difficulty in her transition to Duke. She was feeling stressed and wanted to go home.

Growing up, Amy had seen her mother reading a Bible, but nothing about Christianity had ever been explained to her.

Before saying goodbye, GraceAnna asked Amy if she wanted to talk more about God. Amy showed interest, and the girls arranged to meet later that week.

Yet, hours before meeting with Amy, apprehension loomed over GraceAnna. She remembered Amy's strong accent and thought, How is a girl who speaks Mandarin and English going to understand the gospel from a girl who grew up in South Carolina and speaks with a southern accent?

Asking the Lord for guidance, GraceAnna prayed, "Help me to understand that it is only through Your power that blind eyes can ever see. I pray for Amy. Lord, please allow Your word to be incredibly clear to her."

During their meeting, after outlining 4 points of the gospel using the Knowing God Personally booklet, GraceAnna asked Amy, "Do you want to receive Christ?"

With tears in her eyes, Amy replied, "Yes."

She prayed, asking Christ to take control of her life and thanking Him for sending GraceAnna to talk with her.

Amy and GraceAnna now meet on a regular basis. Amy is involved in a campus Bible study and is halfway through reading the Bible.

"I have spent my entire life praying and trying to know God and He always felt so far away," Amy says, "Now I know Him and am experiencing His grace in my life."

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